Thứ Hai, 8 tháng 10, 2018


Seeing her share on Fb short video, a girl standing on a high chair reclining back to the back, where many other girls stand ready to hand support, but they lose hand so she falls to the floor. 

The accompanying comment is, "When trust placed the wrong place". 

To be fair, these girls do not have the skills to live well. The way they knit hands is not sure enough to help you. Not to mention there are cases where the supporters are beating their heads together again. 

The girls in the video wearing a uniform. I figured that was a training session in a team building company, about how to work teamwork. The bottom line is that the girl leaves the other person unattended and must trust that the teammates coordinate the plan properly.

Teamwork requires each team member to keep the plan, as a good individual is not enough, but must match the people in the team with the same purpose. His experience shows that the V is extremely inferior to this. Everyone is free to do, until the need to connect is the same as that limp. Even after reading dozens of teamwork lessons. So people say that, know, not enough, but to practice for mastering. Until each person really believes in his teammates. Of course, at the same time, teammates must also meet the spirit of teamwork. 

Yes, a practice of belief. But, sometimes, failure comes from one side of the other. In this respect, life skills, too, are not the strength of today's youth. That's another story ...